Why Smart D Estate?

Welcome to smart D estate, where we solve all your problems regarding the deal of property in a pinch. Whether you are looking to sell your house, land or just rent an apartment or whether you are looking to buy the house, land or just rent an apartment, you have landed on the right location.

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मालपोतको नयाँ फारम : सामान्य पढेलेखेकाले कसरी भर्ने ?

९ कात्तिक, काठमाडौं । मालपोतमा घर जग्गासम्बन्धी सेवा लिन जाँदा एउटै फारम भर्न ४/५ हजार रुपैयाँसम्म बुझाउनुपर्छ । आम नागरिकले भर्नै नसक्ने गरी बनाइएका मालपोतका फारमले जतिसुकै पढेलेखेका र बुझेकालाई पनि रनभुल्लमा पार्छ । तर,

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Some home renovation tips 

1. Choose Classic over "What's In" - It might not be stylish in 2 years 
2. Quality Flooring is Worth every Penny 
3. Vaulted Ceilings will prevent water damage in Winter
4. Paint Your Cabinets - Dust less likely to settle than on Wood-Stained 
5. East-Facing Windows - maximizes sunlight 
6. Plan in Advance - Electrical Plugs 

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