Welcome to Smart D Estate, where we solve all your problems regarding the deal of property in a pinch. Whether you are looking to sell your house, land or just rent an apartment or whether you are looking to buy the house, land or just rent an apartment, you have landed on the right location.

We are right here to help you officially and legally if you are in need of a medium to buy, sell of rent your real estate property. Why come to us? Well following are the reasons why you should choose us as a medium for your process.

Buy | Sell | Rent Properties


The main office of Smart D Estate is located at the thapathali 150 meters west of the thapathali chowk. We are located in the ground floor so that the client can access us easily and quickly. Since we have a fixed location we are easy to find and we will be available to you; the client anytime during our working time.


Unlike the brokers that you may find in the tea stalls or paan shops we have a fixed office as mentioned above and we work officially and legally. We are authorized by the government to be the medium between the buyer and seller when they need to buy sell or rent their property and we have a fixed working time that is 9:30 am to 6 pm everyday besides Saturday. We provide legal and professional work to our clients.


The real estate we deal with are verified by the professionals. We hire professionals to verify the property that we deal with and they are legally and physically available. We DO NOT deal with any property that may seem unreal or inaccessible to the buyer in any way.


Here at Smart D Estate, we provide the buyers and sellers alike with various options. While sellers get the option of filtration of audiences, the buyers get the option of choosing the products, be it house, land or just an apartment according to their need and want. Although most of the benefits are for buyers the sellers also get the benefit of reaching the audience of their choice.


We are very customer friendly. The officials here at the smart D estate are trained officials who are proficient in dealing with the different types of consumers and making the most of the benefit for the customers, be it buyer or seller. Our motto here at smart D estate is “WORK SMART, PROFIT LESS” which may seem like an impractical motto but that motto is what spreads out goodwill and brings more work to us which in turn increases our profit and what spreads our goodwill as some of you may ask. The thing that spreads our goodwill are satisfied customers.


Okay lets be honest here. We only charge a percent or two less than the average broker may charge you for fixing the land or a house. The market charge for dealing in real estate with the tea stall brokers is 4% – 5% but we charge only 3%. It may seem less but since the dealings of property in this business are worth crores and lakhs, one percent may mean thousands of cash saved.


Here at the Smart D Estate we apply all or nothing policy. We give our 100% to satisfy your needs. So we either meet your demand fully or we do not meet your demand at all. There is no in-betweens here and no compromises. Client to us is our god so we try to please all of our clients. We have a strict policy to deliver what the god asks us to do, that is giving them exactly what they ask.


Since we verify every property that comes in our list both legally and physically, there is close to ZERO chances of fraud here. Every inquiry that comes are verified. Both the buyers and sellers have to fill a form before applying for the buy list or the sell list and some personal data needs to be shared just to keep the frauds from happening.

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